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July 5, 2020

Why I Offer Prints and Products and Not Just Digital Files

Hello everyone! I’m writing this to you on a Sunday night while Matt is away for work and Sam is asleep in bed. It seems I am squirrelling away at my computer in whatever small pockets of time I have these days!

I’m not sure whether you know that I am a print and product-based photography studio! That means, after your photoshoot with me, we book an ordering session where you come to view all your photos on our large screen, pick all your favourites and make your order of a collection from there.

Your session fee includes an 8×12 gift print, and all of my collections include a luxury photo album or photobook (depending on the collection you choose). Some collections also include a framed print, and most include credit towards prints or products of your choice. Your digital files are included on a USB, and the number of files you receive is based on the collection you choose.

This is different to many photography studios these days who offer all the digital files to download, but no prints or products. I am not a digital ‘shoot and burn’ studio – where I upload all the digitals from your session online for you to download to a harddrive – as they are called. This way was an intentional decision I made for my studio because:

  1. I believe photos are art, made to be printed and enjoyed! It’s so easy – and I have done it myself – to have photos taken, receive the digital files and then let them sit on a hard drive forever! Nooooooo!
  2. I believe that booking in with a photographer is a special and memorable experience. Nothing quite beats the moment a client views their slideshow of images and gets teary as they soak in their beautiful photos.
  3. I will help you pick beautiful wall art for your home. Similar to letting digital images sit on your hard drive, it can be easy to simply print out small 6×4 images and keep them in a drawer rather than out on display because you’re not sure what to print, how big to print it and where to display it.
  4. Having your photographer order your products takes the stress away for you. Ordering takes time: Designing albums spreads and picking which photos go on which pages and in which order for the best flow, finding a quality printer (if you’re doing by yourself ) and finding great framing places! My clients leave it all in my hands to ake these arrangements for them, and they simply enjoy your photos when they are delivered!
  5. It’s far more helpful to see and touch sample albums and frames in person. In the past when I used to send clients their galleries online and they could pick their prints and products online without me, they would often email asking for visual examples of what they’re ordering. I’ve found when my clients can see and touch the samples they fall in love with them, and can’t wait til they have albums, canvases or frames of their own walls and homes and there is no confusion about what they are ordering.

I hope that’s given you some food for thought and a great explanation as to why my studio is a print and product based service 🙂 I can’t wait to photograph you! Schedule a call to discuss and book your session here.

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