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May 7, 2017

The heartful biz photos and wrap-up


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Imagine walking into the most beautifully decorated room (like ever, total Pinterest goals). Sage and frankincense waft through the air and you’re greeted by a bunch of smiley faces ready to get raw and real about life and business for the next two days.

Sign me up, please!

When my friend Claire asked if I’d be happy to document her workshop The Heartful Biz (co-hosted with the bubbly and vivacious Vienda Maria) on camera, it was an easy YES! This stuff is my jam.

We congregated at Anoushka’s house, The Goddess Space in Little Venice over two days, drinking copious amounts of tea, eating all the chocolate, learning nifty new Post-It-application tricks while sharing our fears, hopes and dreams.

It reminded me how special getting together with like-minded peeps is. I want to do it more often.

We chatted business clarity, social media, email marketing, and money. Also, astrology, moon cycles, menstrual cycles and exchanged feedback on ideas. On Friday night, I sat down and planned out the rest of my year in courses, and for the first time ever, I did it to coincide with the moon (thanks for your insight, Vienda). 

With my camera in tow, I was in my element soaking it all in and taking pictures so we all have a way to remember these two special days.

I wanted to share the pics with you because 1. it was so much fun and 2. I hope it inspires you to seek out something similar in your little nook of the world. This kind of collaborative energy is gold for your creativity and happiness.

Business workshops are like soul-food – especially when they’re all about living with heart and smarts, which is what I’m all about. Thank you for hosting beautiful ladies. ⠀


Vienda Maria

Claire Baker



(go check ’em out!):

Marisa Ribordy

Anoushka Loftus

Sarah Page

Jennifer Ledroit

Ariadne Kapsali





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