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March 7, 2018

Sydney Personal Branding Photography: Eleanor


This Sydney personal branding photography session with Eleanor was beautiful.

Elle’s a family friend, and we took some portraits of her one evening at sunset in Manly while we were at the beach having a picnic – I was super grateful Elle was willing to be a guinea pig for me after I bought my new camera so I could practice using it! We took these in about 5 minutes flat, so I was really pleased to get a number of gorgeous portraits from such a short space of time! Though not surprising really – Elle’s a stunner inside and out!

I used direct sunlight here which is not my usual style, however we were in the middle of the beach with not much else in terms of location offerings and a lot of people around. I wanted the ocean in the background so I made the best of what I had to work with – and I don’t mind the outcome as the light gives quite a lovely glow!

Usually at the beach I’ll scout out a spot towards one end where there’s a headland and we can head out to the rocky area, so that we can get the beach in and have my subject backlit. I’ve learned of all the beaches I’ve shot at so far that North Curl Curl is my favourite, and there’s a few spots along the Dee Why to Long Reef stretch that I’m also eager to try out for various reasons!

Isn’t Elle gorgeous?! If you’d like to book portraits with me, find out more over here – I can’t wait to hear from you!

Hayley x

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