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March 6, 2018



Today I’m sharing some portraits from a recent session with Sarah, held down at Queenscliff Beach at sunset. Sarah’s a family friend – we’ve known each other forever as our parents were all friends before we were born!

We were lucky enough to have lots of close family friends growing up, all with kids around the same age. For more than 20 years, we went on Easter holidays (and countless other holidays and camping trips) with 6 other families (including Sarah’s family) every year. Those days with all my ‘aunts,’ ‘uncles’ and friends will forever be the highlights of my childhood with lots of memories of our dads leaving lollies from the ‘drop bears’ while we went walking in the ‘fairy forest,’ long days out on Lake Macquarie being towed by the speedboat, and our Aunty Linda pulling out her dance moves during the many nights listening and dancing to music on our huuuuge shared cabin balcony – thanks for the memories guys!

Sarah is a year two teacher, based at a school on the Northern Beaches. She’s as gorgeous on the inside as she is outside, and while we were at the beach having a picnic with some of the family friend gang, I took some portraits of her and our other friend Eleanor! Stay tuned for Elle’s session too, which is coming up next!

These portraits were fun and different because I usually shoot backlit – meaning the sun is behind my subjects, which when done right, creates a lovely glow behind the hair and skin and soft shadows on the face. However, being on the East Coast of Australia and shooting at sunset means that the sun is setting from the West, and not behind the ocean. I wanted the ocean in these portraits, so I thought I’d try shooting with the sun direct on Sarah. Because it was almost sunset, the sun was still strong but the light quite soft, and so the portraits still have a beautiful glow – just not from behind as I’d usually opt for! What do you think? I quite like it!


Thanks for being such a breeze to photograph Sarah!


Hayley x

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