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Newborn photography

May 26, 2020

Samuel Jacob Flint 17.03.2020

It’s been a long time since I shared anything on the blog, and this is the reason! I’m so thrilled to share some photos of our beautiful son, Samuel, who arrived 17 March 2020. I am so in love with him! Here’s some pictures from his first month.

One week old

I remember here you were so little and I was so scared of ‘breaking’ you! You felt so fragile to me. I desperately wanted to get some beautiful photos of you, however you cried a lot when you were awake (we later learned you had a broken clavicle from your birth – this also explains why your head is always cocked to one side). On this day you were exactly a week old, and I seized this moment while you were asleep in your rocker. I popped a muslin cloth behind your head to cover the rocker fabric and made do with that to sneak some photos in super quickly. They may be far from perfect but I’m so glad we got even just a few minutes because as I write this you’re nearly three months old, and I’m already asking where my newborn baby went!!!

Two weeks old

Two weeks old and a little more alert here. Already I can see you starting to morph more from your newborn days into a baby! You’re in a little outfit from your Aunty Shelley who just adores you and has pretty much, along with Nanna, bought your whole wardrobe for you!

Three weeks old

Dressed by Uncle Jeremy this week, and you’re looking a lot like your Uncle Steve as a baby. And while you looked ‘all Richardson’ as so many people told us as a newborn, more and more glimpses of Phoenix and your daddy are shining through. You’re discovering those hands of yours and that startle reflex is strong.

One month old

You weren’t so happy today and the light was crappy but I was already a few days late for your one month photos so I bit the bullet and took these in an imperfect moment. You were in a cranky mood and cried a lot, but even capturing that was special to me because the way your little bottom lip crumples when you’re sad is the cutest thing in the world. One whole magnificent month with you Sammy boy. We love you!

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