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June 19, 2020

Samuel – 3 months old

You’re 3 months old and I’m wondering where the time went! You bring so much joy to our lives, little Sam. Your tummy time game is strong and you’re starting to try and roll – you had a go while we took these photos.

You’ve just met your Nannie who came down for a few weeks from Nambour and loved every minute spent with her. You’ve had lots of cuddles with Nanna and Grandpa and your Aunty and Uncles too. Phoenix absolutely adores you and has settled into her big sister role very well. She loves looking after you until it comes time to change your nappy!

Your smile is infectious, and I’m sure Uncle Jeremy is happy it’s finally here 😉 We’ve heard you laugh a few times: The first time felt like Christmas to me.

As I write this you’ve had a few nights quite unsettled, and during the day you don’t want to be put down. This is unlike you: You’re usually very happy-go-lucky so it feels a little unsettling to me and I hope you’re okay. The girls from Mother’s group tell me this is called a ‘leap’ – where there’s a development leap and the way you perceive the world is changing.

Something strange has happened to me since having you. My emotions intensify when I see babies, children or mothers in pain. I finally get what they say about a love so pure. I feel my heart expand more and more every day, and just when I think it’s not possible to love you any more, I find that I do.

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