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April 12, 2018

Personal Branding Photography Manly with Beth Cowling of The Yoga Space

Personal Branding photography session in Manly, March 2018

When I moved home to Aus, I was so excited to get back into yoga regularly again. It was one of those things that I used to absolutely love – walking along the Corso to the studio I was at in Manly, I’d relish in those moments of inner quiet, connection and – let’s face it – sometimes frustration!

However, rather than going back to my old studio like I probably would have, mum kindly gifted me a month pass at The Yoga Space – a new studio in Manly run by Beth Cowling – and now, I won’t look back! The space itself is stunning: High ceilings, bright and airy, gorgeous coastal decor styled beautifully, it’s like a little oasis off of Pittwater Road and I love visiting.

The style of yoga Beth teaches is Japanese yoga. It’s not the acrobatic style of ‘Instagram yoga’ we’re probably all used to seeing and doing. Japanese yoga is based on Eastern medicine philosophy and classes and poses are designed to support and nourish us throughout changes in the weather and seasons through our body’s energy meridians. It’s a gentle and restorative form of yoga, which, being allergic to exercise as I am (I’m only half kidding) really suits me. Interestingly enough, since taking Japanese yoga at The Yoga Space, I have completely adapted to Summer temperatures. For someone who’s always suffered terribly in the heat and therefore thought I was a Winter person, this is quite a miracle! In fact, I’m so happy we’re experiencing this extended Summer more than halfway into Autumn at the moment! Who even am I?

Beth’s style of teaching is great, too. She’s grounded, practical and genuine, and makes everyone feel completely welcome and at ease. Classes tend to attract people of all ages and backgrounds – it’s not unusual to see a young and sprightly 20-year-old on the mat next to a more mature woman in her 70’s, which is to say this is yoga for everyone!

Beth has a goal to start posting more consistently on social media this year, and so we took some photos for her to use on her Instagram and Facebook account. The first time, we were at North Curl Curl with her hubby Drew and their pup Bodhi, however, we got heavily rained out after 10 mins (seriously, the rain came out of NOWHERE! It wasn’t even forecast!). So we managed to get some great portraits of the three of them in that 10 minutes, and so during the make-up session a few days later I photographed just Beth, in a mixture of more formal portraits, lifestyle and yoga poses.

These are some of my favourites from the session – however watch this space as we’ll be teaming up again very soon!


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