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April 12, 2018

Personal Branding Photographer in Manly, Sydney with Jessica Silsby

Personal Branding Photography session in Manly, Sydney with Jessica Silsby

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of working with Jessica Silsby, a Sydney-based emotional eating coach who helps women work through their food stuff so they can enjoy and get on with their lives. Jess and I have followed each other on Instagram for, oh, I don’t know how long – years, maybe? So it was so amazing to be able to work with her after moving back home.

Jess came to me because she felt her website photos didn’t really reflect her or where her business was at anymore, and she wanted some new portraits that felt like her. During our brand consultation, we looked at what Jess wanted to achieve with her brand, where she sees her business in two years time, the types of clients she’s attracting and what they resonate with and how she wants them to feel when looking at her website.

It’s clear Jess is friendly and approachable, and so we really focused on creating relaxed and relatable portraits that would make you feel like you’d be friends with Jess if you met her. She wanted her clients to feel really comfortable and at ease in her presence, and not intimidated. Although it was really busy at the portrait location and Jess was a little nervous about passersby at first, she totally relaxed and really got into the spirit of the session – trying out the whacky things I suggested and being a great sport about it all – and I think it totally paid off, don’t you? Take a look at Jess’ portraits below.

Jess’ feedback about her session on Instagram:

‘Nothing like a warm Sunday arvo in Manly to really make you work your I-don’t-care-what-people-think muscle while having new photos taken.
I mean guys, it was BUSY, there were people everywhere (and let’s be honest none of them probably thought about it longer than half a second) BUT I am so grateful that @hayleyrichardsonphotography was behind the lens. She made the whole thing so fun, easy and enjoyable.
It feels so good to have updated photos that actually feel like me.
PS Sydney siders, I cant recommend these gals enough 👆🏼 From start to finish with Hayley I felt so taken care of. During a call we had together she really helped me get crystal clear on what I wanted. Without her guidance I’m not sure how my photos would have ended up!’

Thanks Jess, you nailed it and it was such a pleasure working with you!


Find more about Jess at http://jessicasilsby.com/

Jess’ lovely makeup was done by the talented Mia Uren

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