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December 11, 2017

4 essential personality tests that will increase your brand value



Dear friends,

One of the many delights of running your own business and building your brand is the opportunity to fully express yourself. This is so exciting and interesting to me in so many ways, especially because as the world shifts and changes and more people go into business, there really is a noticeable preference for people to hire and engage with small business owners who show up as human.

Some people are afraid of showing up as more human, but I can only see huge advantages to it! I love Jenna Kutcher’s view on brand building, which is to ‘attract and repel’ people to your business. 

When you share your personality, values and interests – all aspects of a personal brand – you’re going to attract the RIGHT people, and REPEL the wrong ones. And the great thing about this is that when you work with more people who share your values, your work becomes more enjoyable (NB: This DOESN’T mean you have to be the SAME as all your clients – you can still work with people with different views and backgrounds to you and love working together!)⠀

As part of their on-boarding process, I have all of my personal branding photography, Instagram and brand strategy clients take a number of quizzes. These quizzes are so helpful both for me as a professional to understand my client better in ways they might not understand themselves, and also for my clients, who are able to see their personality patterns in a new way so they can communicate who they are more effectively in their business.

My photography client Rachel, said about the tests “I love your personality tests in your discovery period. It’s so cool and eye opening for the client just as much as you. I love everything about attraction marketing and building a brand with a tribe who support you.”



The knowledge you gain about yourself when you read and reflect on your results is so empowering. It’s not about making up a new personality for yourself or squeezing into a box, but understanding and reflecting on who you already are so you can clearly define patterns about yourself and a clear and strong personality framework that will help you shape how you write and what you share through your business to build great relationships with your existing and potential clients!⠀

Here’s some of my favourite discovery tools that I have all my clients work through before we work together. ⠀

1. Myers-Briggs

The Myers-Briggs type indicator is perhaps the most well-known personality test. Based on psychologist Carl Jung’s typology theories, the test results in one of 16 personality types including a combination of sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking.

Take the test here.


2. Enneagram

I can’t rememeber how I first discovered the Enneagram, I think it might have been through a blog. It’s a popular test in both business and spiritual settings and again is used as a tool for self-awareness and development. The Enneagram is based on nine typologies, and while I feel like the MBTI is more widely known, when I’ve read the descriptions of my Enneagram type, I’ve always felt like it paints a more vividi picture of me.

Learn more here


3. Brand Archetype tests

A brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand. Traditionally, by giving a brand a consistent set of traits, brands build trust with consumers more effectively, as consistency breeds trust. People are also more likely to buy from brands who they feel are a reflection of who they are (shared values, status, aesthetic) and so by crafting a well-defined personality brands are better able to target the type of consumer they want to engage.

Now it’s a little different when you’re a personal brand – it’s not like you’re going to change your personality to be what it’s not! However brand personality tests give you a framework for understanding yourself, and can also help you to identify the values, status and aesthetics you’d like to espouse in order to attract ‘kindred clients’.

There’s quite a few brand personality tests floating around on the web, however I think one of the original ones for solo business owners was by Cerries Mooney. I also like this one from my friend and former colleague Nikki Clark.

Most people will have a few archetypes, sometimes there will be one that’s dominant and another one or two secondary. I find my dominant archetype can often change between a few different types and so I often take them all into account.

Take Cerries Mooney’s Primary Archetype test here.

Take Nikki’s test here.


Fascination advantage

This test is, well, fascinating! Where most other brand and personality tests attempt to measure how you see the world, the fascination advantage test is a measure for how the world sees you. This is a strengths-based test that can really help you to define your unique value to others, understand how you’re most likely going to make a brilliant first impression and how to effectively eliminate competition by being yourself.

Take the test here.

What I’ve learned about myself after taking all these tests over the years and integrating this knowledge is that I’m more of a behind-the-scenes type; a quiet achiever who often doesn’t say much in a group setting but when I do, it’s usually quite creative; that I’m good at observing and understanding people; that I’m more comfortable and well-suited to working with smaller groups of people or in 1:1 settings where I can really get to know people, as opposed to large groups. 



This has been really helpful to me in understanding the best types of business models for me, how I can best package my offerings to feature my strengths and in understanding what I want to communicate about myself and my brand.

What are all your ‘types’? Mine are:

  • INFP (Myers-Briggs)
  • Type 4w5 (Enneagram) 
  • Romantic, Creator + Nurturer (brand personality); and
  • Secret Weapon (fascination advantage) 

I love knowing what other people’s types are – I make all my friends and family take the tests and now I can’t wait to hear yours too!

Hayley x

PS – If you want to learn more about working with me on your personal brand and branded photographs, send me a note by filling out the form on this page!

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