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September 14, 2016

92 personal blog post ideas for health entrepreneurs and coaches


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One of the most highly-requested resources among my clients is ideas for new blog posts.

And I can totally understand why – while writing my health blog, there were times where inspiration flowed freely and many other instances where the ideas just. would. not. flow.

To help you out, I’ve searched the web, my brain and other blogs high and low to pull together the best list of personal blog post ideas and inspiration, especially for health and life coaches. I only wish I had this list back then!

(You might like to bookmark it – I have a feeling this list is something you’ll want to come back to again and again! Otherwise, download this post as a printable PDF that you can stick up at your desk for regular inspo!)

If you have any ideas or inspiration for post ideas that I haven’t included, please leave a comment and share it below. I have a feeling you’ll win the appreciation and undying gratitude of your blogging compadres, that’s for sure!

  1. Simple meal ideas
  2. Roundup of your favourite health blogs
  3. Food diary of a health coach / naturopath / dietician / nutritionist (yours, or someone else)
  4. Product review: Review your favourite health food brand / organic beauty product /
  5. jewellery / personality / bedlinen brand
  6. Come cook with me: Video yourself cooking one of your favourite recipes
  7. Guest post by a blogging compadre
  8. Your fitness routine
  9. Health food haul
  10. Workout playlist
  11. Food photography tips
  12. Restaurant review in your city
  13. Giveaway: Collaborate with your favourite brands or seek donations and create a competition on your blog, awarding the prize to the reader with the most shares
  14. Brand Spotlight: Profile your favourite food / activewear / book / ethical clothing / ethical
  15. 15 facts about yourself
  16. Spiritual haul – crystals, intentional jewellery, oracle cards, candles
  17. Top 5 health / beauty / products
  18. Restaurant review from a holiday
  19. Organic fake tan (cringe – one of my first vlogs – don’t judge me!)
  20. Love languages
  21. Big rocks (for the IIN students out there!)
  22. What’s on your kitchen wish list?
  23. Chemical free home
  24. Your book shelf
  25. Simple breakfast ideas
  26. Simple Lunch ideas
  27. Simple dinner ideas
  28. Simple snack ideas
  29. Simple dessert ideas
  30. DIY organic deodorant
  31. A roundup of your favourite posts on your own blog
  32. A roundup of your favourite recipe posts on your own blog
  33. Your wellness routine
  34. Recipe post
  35. The role of essential oils in good health
  36. In your beauty cabinet
  37. A closer look at different dietary theories
  38. An event review
  39. The story of your life transformation
  40. Your favourite healthy Pinterest accounts
  41. Podcast interview with an expert
  42. Video interview with an expert
  43. A day in your life (everyone secretly likes a behind the scenes sneak peek!)
  44. Your morning / evening routine
  45. Clean home product tutorial
  46. Food diary of a health coach / naturopath / dietician / nutritionist (yours, or someone else)
  47. Music playlist for HIIT workouts
  48. Music playlists for yoga
  49. How to stay healthy while travelling
  50. How to get your health into order as an expat
  51. Your turning point or healthy ‘aha’ moment
  52. Your favourite wellness blogs
  53. Photojournal of your most recent holiday
  54. 5 Favourite health and wellbeing apps
  55. What’s in your (clean) makeup kit?
  56. Gluten free / dairy free / vegan / vegetarian / paleo recipe
  57. Favourite healthy instagrammers
  58. 5 greatest life lessons
  59. Monthly wrap-up
  60. Your healthy bucket list
  61. Favourite workout wear
  62. Your kitchen appliance wish list
  63. Roundup of the best health retreats
  64. Inspirational quotes on life / health / love
  65. Inspiration files
  66. Seasonal eating guide – Summer / Autumn / Winter / Spring
  67. How to: Healthy picnic
  68. How to: Healthy dinner party
  69. How to: Healthy Girls night in
  70. Favourite online health food stores
  71. Eating healthy while camping
  72. Favourite positive affirmations
  73. Favourite daily rituals
  74. Eating healthy on a shoestring budget
  75. Eco home mood board
  76. The toxic products no one thinks about (perfume, nail polish etc)
  77. How to survive the silly season with your health goals still in tact
  78. Favourite health DVDs
  79. Tips and tricks for a better night’s sleep
  80. What makes you happy?
  81. New product announcement
  82. What to pack for a mind-body-spirit festival (e.g. Wanderlust)
  83. Your experience at a mind-body-spirit festival
  84. Favourite eco homeward brands
  85. How to reduce waste around the home
  86. Favourite healthy gift ideas
  87. Organisation tips and tricks
  88. Dear future self
  89. Dear younger self
  90. Benefits of meditation / creating your own zen den
  91. Gift ideas for your favourite health nut
  92. Best health / spiritual restaurants or shops in your are

Got any q’s? Fire away in the comments.

Which of these blog post ideas are you going to try out first?


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