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March 13, 2018

Natalee and Michael’s South Narrabeen Wedding

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonNatalee and Michael were married on Saturday at their South Narrabeen wedding, and it was perfect! The day was warm and mellow with just a hint of Autumn’s crispness and a soft sea breeze there to take the edge off the heat. They said ‘I do’ standing in front of a beautiful floral arbour on the sand with the ocean behind them, in an intimate ceremony with 53 of their closest family and friends.

They’re two very special people: Kind, caring and totally in love. I was lucky enough to meet Nat and Michael through my Aunty Robyn, who’s a close friend of Nat’s Aunty Lisa!

The day was made extra special by the fact that Michael’s mum Minoo (who he hadn’t seen in-person for seven years!) flew in from Iran to see her son marry the love of his life in the country he now calls home.

Nothing can beat the high of photographing a wedding – capturing the happiest day of a couple’s life is about as good as it gets in terms of the happiness at work index, I think!I loved getting to know their family and friends, who were all so totally kind and such genuine people. I feel lucky to have met Nat and Michael, their friends and families, and to have been a part of their special day.

Sydney Wedding Photographer Hayley Richardson_Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson

A special heirloom – the diamond ring above belonged to Nat’s grandmother.


Nat and her mum Therese sharing a special moment together before the ceremony.

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson_Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson_Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson_Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson_Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson_Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonJust married!

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson_Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson _Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson _Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonMichael created a slideshow documenting their relationship as a surprise for Nat. This is them watching all their memories and tearing up a bit!

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson

Michael’s mum Minoo and Nat’s dad Steve gave beautiful speeches – Michael’s mum did an amazing job reading hers in English!

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson

These two – ring-bearer Xan and flower girl Avi – were such characters, dancing the night away and always only too happy to smile for the camera!

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson

Nat and her lovely mum, Therese.

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-RichardsonSydney-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-Richardson Nat and Steve sharing a father-daughter dance.


xx Hayley

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