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May 31, 2017

5 things making me happy right now happy


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As I went out for my usual morning walk today, I had to pause for a moment of appreciation.

The sky was blue(ish), the weather was warm, I had fake tan on and all was well in the world. Will and I caught up with some friends from Australia who we haven’t seen since we left two years ago (and we’re seeing some more in Zurich this weekend!) I was listening to some music and thinking of all this as I strolled through London Fields towards the canal and had that giddy feeling of ‘Shit, life’s good!’.

Since happiness is contageous, I thought I’d share 5 of those things, life and business related, that are making me happy right now.

1 | Spring Playlist on Spotify

As time goes by, I realise more and more what a joy music is.

  Image © Hayley Richardson 2017

Image © Hayley Richardson 2017

Listening to happy music makes me feel happy and alive. Not to mention it gives me serious swagger while I’m walking down the street.

In particular, I’m loving my friend Claire’s seasonal playlists right now. They were created to align yourself with the energy of the season you’re in throughout your menstrual cycle, but you can also listen to them according to what mood you’re in in general, or the season outside.

I’ve been listening to the Spring playlist on repeat, because it’s got loads of my favourite tunes (including Christmas carols – my FAVOURITE 😂😂😂) and always gets me in a good mood before I start my workday. 

Just one request for you CB: Can you pls add in my fave Here Comes the Sun

2 | Pinterest edumacation

Many of my Instagram course students and clients also ask about Pinterest and I thought this one was worth sharing with you in case you too are interested in learning Pinterest for increased traffic to your blog. I’ve been playing with Pinterest for the past few months and started seeing some good results in terms of increasing new visitors to my website (welcome if that’s you!).

However I felt there were some missing gaps in my knowledge, and I wanted to speed up the results I was getting. I bought this Pinterest course from Health Bloggers Alex and Lauren and went through it in about a day. It’s been fantastic at getting a first-hand glimpse into how they’ve used Pinterest as the main source of traffic to both their super successful health blog and business blog, as well as filling in those gaps I was talking about earlier.

If you:

  • Want to grow your traffic significantly with Pinterest but have been getting ho-hum results going the DIY route
  • Don’t have the first idea about Pinterest and how to use it to grow your website visitors / email community
  • Are prepared to write at least some niche-specific posts (more likely to get better results than self-reflection type posts)
  • Don’t want to faff about figuring out Pinterest for yourself over the course of months 

I would recommend this course.

As of today actually, I’ve began to schedule myself some regular time to get back into Pinterest after a few months off, so I’m looking forward to seeing my results improve well beyond what I’d been seeing before taking a break and will update you with my results.

3 | Outfit repeating

Confession time, guys.

My name’s Hayley, and I’m an outfit repeater. And I’m not even sorry about it 😂😂😂.

  Image from Uniqlo.co.uk

Image from Uniqlo.co.uk

I started out creating a capsule wardrobe in 2015 when I started @thefrenchexperiment on Instagram. I’ve since realised a capsule wardrobe is so appealing because I’m actually super lazy when it comes to getting dressed. I’m kinda in a place in time where I don’t want to think about what to wear all the time. Can you relate? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love style and am obsessed with scrolling Pinterest for the latest ‘Paris Style’ looks but I’m not really a fashion person, so to speak. Last Winter I bought a navy wool turtleneck from Uniqlo and basically wore it with my mom jeans every. single. day.

A few weeks ago I found this navy dress (pictured above) from Uniqlo (in case you hadn’t guessed: I like navy, and I like Uniqlo 😉) and have since bought a second one because it’s pretty much become my uniform and I need to wash it sometimes, you know?

It’s simple as, goes with my duster jackets and most importantly is light and comfy. Let’s just say NOT being a fashion blogger was definitely the right move for me 😉.

4 | New About Me page

I’ve been bower-birding snippets of personality info for a while now so I could give my About page an overhaul.

About pages are always up there in terms of page visits and a great way to build instnat connection with new readers, but my About page was always the neglected child in my collection of website page children. 

My intention for the new page was that a brand new visitor would know who I am as a person right away so I either gain a new bestie or get a ‘Bye, Felicia‘.

Most About pages I see share abstract things like ‘I believe in creativity and love’ or talk in third person about themselves like ‘Hayley Richardson is a photographer and coach who trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition who believes all women can do anything they want. She also believes in creativity and love’.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with those examples, but they don’t create an emotional connection with the new reader. If your reader immediately feels something, or connects with an aspect of your personality, they’re more likely to stick around, explore your site and become a new subscriber, client, friend or collaborator. 

The secret in getting this page to a place where I’m (almost) thrilled with it was lots of creative research and self-reflection, brainstorming and essentially, figuring out who I am!

If writing a pretty and personality-filled About page that’s all YOU is something you’d like support with, sign up to my Creative Flow coaching program – this is the perfect topic to work though.

5 | Water Kefir

I’ve been a fan of water kefir since I discovered it some time last year.

  Image © Hayley Richardson 2017

Image © Hayley Richardson 2017

For those of you who are new to it like I was, water kefir is a water-based fermented culture. You can make coconut kefir, milk kefir, juice kefir and water kerfir. I really like water kefir the best.

The brand I usually drink, PurEarth has just released some new, bigger bottles and a few new flavours have become available in my local stores. I’m pretty excited about (I really need to get out more, ha!). You can also brew your own, and I think this will be my next step.

I used to drink a lot of kombucha but found it didn’t agree with me. Must be the caffiene. Kefir on the other hand seems to be fine, and it’s nice to have occasionally as a light, refreshing carbonated drink that’s quite low in sugar.

Anywho, that’s a small handful of what’s making me happy right now.

What about you?

What are you love-love-loving right now?


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