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September 28, 2017

Pretty as a picture with Irina Ray Balko



When I saw Ray’s brief come through, I literally squealed with delight, because she was describing a vision for a photoshoot with lots of flowers, Instagrammable locations and pretty pastel colours – my inner-creative dreamer swooned!

Ray is originally from Kazakhstan, lived in Germany after immigrating with her parents, and now lives in London with her fiance Martin (from Amsterdam) and wanted to capture her love for London, cafes and her enjoyment of pastries on weekends. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve met, and I loved getting to know her, and working alongside her creativity when it came to planning her shoot.

She wanted her photos to communicate her sense and love of style, ambition, her in-person work with clients and her love of life that she’s cultivated through her work and life in London. It was such a pleasure to work on this project with Ray and I’m so excited to see her connect with more clients who resonate with her style now that she has a set of portraits that she loves.

(And in case you’re curious, Bossylicious (Ray’s business) means redefining bossy to be a positive for women: Wanting more from life, being ambitious and thinking big is all A-OK)

Location 1


As Ray has had quite the international life and is a woman of the world, she wanted her photos to have some obvious elements of London to share her life in London, the city she now lives and works in. We started the day at Westminster bridge and took some portraits in the nearby area.

Location 2

Mews in Knightsbridge

I loved this little street with it’s bright and cheery colours. This is the London -aesthetically (as there’s so much more to London I love than this alone) – I absolutely love.

Ray wanted quite a fashion blogger influence in her portraits, which is why we selected this mews as one of her locations. I love the dreaminess of the creamy tones, the playfulness of the flying sparkles (which are still in the bottom of my bag, months later!) and the gorgeous flowers.

Location 3

Fait Maison

As Ray is a consultant, she wanted photos that demonstrated her carrying our her work and seeing 1:1 clients. Ray is also a huge fan of French pastries, so Fait Maison was a fitting choice for her brand.

We borrowed Jenni, the hair and makeup artist, who was with us the whole day to sit in as one of Ray’s clients, and I love that her coat matches the bunch of roses!!

Location 4

Gloucester Road

This was our final stop, and we were on a street just near Gloucester Road station. It was the final hours of daylight, and this was probably my favourite outfit of Ray’s – don’t you just love to contrast between the red and pastel blue?

As I mentioned earlier, for Ray it was important to have an element of ‘London’ in her portraits, so her potential clients and audience know where she’s based. Nothing could be more ‘London’ than the beautiful white terraced houses in the South Ken area, so due to proximity to our other locations this street (which I can’t remember the name of now) was an ideal choice!

Photography: Hayley Richardson (that’s me!)

Hair and Makeup: Jenni De Falco

If you’d like to book a personal branding portrait session with me, I’d be THRILLED to get to know you! I love working with creative, spirited and joyful men and women who love colour, style and bright and airy photos.

If you’re a creative business owner and would like to help your potential clients connect with you and better understand what the experience of working with you feels like, get in touch for a chat about how I can help you with personal branding portraits.

I’ll be in Sydney (potentially the GC and Melbourne too) between Feb 5 – March 16. Email me at hello@hayleyrichardson.co to chat and for my pricing menu. If you have any business women friends who might be interested or are looking for a photographer, I’d be so appreciative if you would send them my details!

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