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March 20, 2018

My Hamptons French Provincial office upgrade: Moodboard and inspiration

One project I dove right into after I arrived home was to update my workspace to a Hamptons-meets-Provincial office.

I’m a little interiors-obsessed and have redecorated my rooms countless times since I was about 8 years old. It started with an entirely Winnie-the-Pooh themed room – not my best look! – followed by all-franjipani-everything, through to a more neutral themed cross between shabby chic and Hamptons which is where my style sits now). I just love being surrounded by beautiful things because I find it stimulates my creativity, so I guess that’s where the obsession comes from and although I’m a TOTAL amateur, I really enjoy decorating, so this project is exciting!

Another reason why I wanted to update the space is because of my new offering, the Platinum Personal Branding experience. In it, I design and create a custom office space for my client, entirely based on their unique brand personality. I believe it’s really helpful to show your customers your style and give them a visual of you in your workspace. Visual cues play such a large role in establishing trust and so when you can paint a picture of the experience the brand offers, clients who are a good fit for you will feel a sense of your vision and trust will be built. So, of course, I want to walk my talk and follow the process I use for my platinum clients by creating a strong visual experience for my own brand!

The brief

The HR brand embodies the Summer seasonal archetype: It’s all about elegance, style and a high-touch experience for my clients. The brand colour palette includes light blues, because of the association with creativity and communication. Light blues are also relaxing and communicate a sense of safety which is important to my ideal clients who need to feel confident in my ability to deliver a great outcome and that I have systems and structures in place to give them the best experience on offer.

To me, the best visual expression of my brand personality is through a Hamptons/French Provincial inspired office space. Something classic, refined and high-end (in a non-showy way), because it communicates both a sense of appreciation for aesthetics (important when I’m styling brands) and instils trust in my ability to oversee the project and bring their brand to life visually.

The process

As I have already done the groundwork in establishing my seasonal archetype, to start the office styling process I began searching Hamptons style and French Provincial style workspaces on Pinterest to pull some ideas together into a mood board.

Then, I began sourcing some pieces from local shops, online and on the Facebook marketplace. The first piece I found which really inspired the direction for the rest of the space was my new desk, which I actually found for $90 on the Facebook marketplace from a lady just down the road. It’s almost exactly the same as the one in my mood board above just with different drawer handles. It’s also currently cream, so I’ll sand it down and re-paint it white to work better with my colour palette, which will be a fun DIY project!

I then created a mood board using Style Sourcebook (I have my friend Yolie to thank for giving me the heads-up on this fab program!) which helps me to pinpoint the different pieces I might like to buy to bring the space together. I found this step really helpful to see how everything might work together and understand what colours might work and which may clash. The one thing that doesn’t quite work in the moodboard as it stands in my opinion, is that the colour of the rug and the desk chair are too similar and yet not matching. Although I adore the porcelain blue chair, I’m thinking I might go for the same one but in a French beige colour instead. I also have a jute rug in the space at the moment, which I like but don’t feel really works with the rest of the pieces. I plan on keeping it because I know 100% I will use it in some client projects, however once budget permits I’ll be buying a rug closer to the one on my moodboard!

Right now I have about 75% of the space created, so I’ll keep you updated and share a picture once everything is finished! For now, I’d love to know what’s in your dream workspace? Tell me in the comments below!

Hayley xx

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