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August 2, 2017

From 100 – 4,500 Instagram followers: How Mel from Healing Gracie’s Gut is building her food blog community


Recently I caught up with Mel Krasilovsky of the Instagram account and Blog ‘Healing Gracie’s Gut’ and asked her if she would share a reflection piece on her experience using Instagram.

Mel’s a student of my Instagram Tribe course and since we met on Instagram she’s done so well with her account, growing it from a few hundred followers, building connections, collaborating with brands and always supporting others and I wanted to share her story with you and shine a light on this wonderful woman. I hope you find a new account in Mel to follow and enjoy her food updates, her hubby’s enviable cooking skills and her hilarious and spirited daughter Gracie.

– Hayley

I’ve never been particularly technical or into social media as such.  I remember I hadn’t actually heard of Facebook until my friend told me about it being a great way to stay connected before I relocated to Australia from the UK (slightly embarrassing).

I had previously set-up an Instagram account and fiddled around with it and then lost my patience as I had no clue what I was actually doing!

The defining moment for creating my Healing Gracie’s Gut Instagram account was deciding that I actually wanted to create a blog. I wanted it to be an outlet for chronicling my daughter Gracie’s health issues that we had been going through for the past couple of years and I thought Instagram would be a great platform for visually sharing what Gracie’s eats, what we do and then sharing my blog pieces, even though I had no clue how to put all those steps into action – I literally went with a gut feeling (no pun intended).

Not long after starting my HGG instagram account I stumbled across Hayley’s Instagram course, which I felt would help me understand the fundamentals and a way to work smarter with my account (which I’m so glad I did as it meant I got to know Hayley and the fabulous community she has created.)

What I didn’t bargain on happening was finding and making some really lovely friends and connections along the way. 

One of the main reasons I started my blog was because I felt alone on our journey,  I hadn’t come across anyone that was or had been going through similar to us, it was very isolating. 

As my account starting to grow and I ‘met’ more and more people, I realised how many other families were going through similar situations.  This has given me the drive and the confidence to continue what I’m doing.  I have to say that has been one of my favourite things I love about Instagram, how you can connect to someone from the other side of the world and find out you’re going through similar things.

Currently, Instagram is one of the main sources of traffic to my blog

(I’m just now mastering Google analytics to work this out!) so I try and work hard to create engaging posts, respond to every comment I receive and ‘network’ around.  Although I’m trying to get my head around Facebook and Pinterest currently, I know with Instagram I can consistently drive traffic to my blog.

For me it’s been the perfect platform as I love learning about people. 

I feel like my years of working in Recruitment and my natural interest in people (ok being nosey lol) has strangely played a large part in building up and gaining momentum with my account. 

With my background in Recruitment I had to spend hours writing job advertisements and catchy captions to try and attract candidates to apply for the roles I was advertising as well as meeting and interviewing a whole lot of people.  I feel like these skills have been transferable in the way I plan and write the captions for my posts to attract followers and to grow my engagement as well as how I naturally engage with people.

Overall I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve been on Instagram (not sure my husband would say the same thing haha) and hope to continue to grow, engage, share and see where this journey takes me.


Thanks for sharing your insights Mel! One of my favourite reasons to be on Instagram is the people aspect too. I find it such a great place to spark new connections, stay up to date with people I want to keep relationships and even bring in clients! 

A few key takeaways that you can apply to your own Instagram account to grow and make connections include:

  • Respond to every comment on your posts
  • Comment on other accounts and make friends and build relationships
  • Support other Instagrammer’s
  • Use Google Analytics to track your greatest traffic referrals
  • Adopt a ‘people minded’ focus when you’re using Instagram for the greatest personal reward – this will in turn help your account grow anyway!



connect with Mel via her links here!

Instagram: @healinggraciesgut

Website: Healing Gracie’s Gut

Facebook: Healing Gracie’s Gut

Pinterest: Healing Gracie’s Gut



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