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October 24, 2018

Family photos: Outfit inspiration for girls

What to wear is always one of the biggest questions from many of my photography clients, and it’s no surprise! What you wear in your photos impacts the mood, the feeling and even the overall ‘feeling’ of quality. If you’re making an investment in family portraits, it’s well worth spending some time thinking through clothing choices to ensure you love the way you look in your beautiful photos for years and years to come.

In this post I’m focusing on outfit inspiration for young girls. I’ve created some outfit combinations for babies, little girls (2-7) and tweens/teens (7+) using pieces from Bardot Junior, which, by the way is such a cute store for kids photoshoot outfits! I went into the store at Warringah Mall the other day and almost died… just wait until you see the little boys post!

When it comes to outfit inspiration for family photos, my motto is ‘keep it clean and classic.’

Plain outfits with minimal patterns (lace excepted – lace is always a good idea!) work best as they don’t draw all the attention away from the beautiful subjects of the photo (i.e. your loved ones!) and the surrounding environment. Also, it helps to avoid having patterns on more than one person; if there are multiple people in a photo and two different patterns the patterns may clash and compete for attention. That’s not to say patterns don’t work at all, but as a general rule of thumb, keep the patterns to a min. when you’re coordinating your crew.

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I’m a fan of classic outfits that you might wear to a christening, a party or even a wedding. Bows, lace, pretty shoes, flower crowns and headbands are all great for girls. It’s nice to make an effort in your portrait outfits, because having your photos taken is a special occasion! How often do you get to do this? Chances are not usually more than once per year! If you want your portraits to last for years to come, remember, classic never goes out of style.

Pastel and neutral/natural coloured outfits are always my first recommendation for my clients. This is because I’ve developed my shooting and editing style to create an overall soft, light and natural look and feel, and pastel coloured clothing complements this well. I also find pastels and neutrals work particularly well with our natural environment to create a beautiful, harmonious visual effect.

Lastly, when it comes to fabrics, again there’s a few options to consider. As we’ve already covered, lace is always a good idea 😉 as is linen, cotton and natural fibres. However, the camera can’t really tell quality, so poly blends also work fine. The only type of fabric I recommend you avoid is anything with a bit of a sheen to it.

Outfit one (below):

I love this outfit, firstly because I love blue (can you tell?!) but also because of the simplicity of the dress, the little bow detail and the cute headband to go with it. Even without the headband, a few little curls in long hair and a half ponytail would look divine!

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