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September 15, 2016

The 101 most creative blog names of all time


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One of the biggest obstacles to getting started as a health blogger is choosing a name for your blog.

Everyone wants a blog that’s a true reflection of themselves and their philosophy, whether that be fun, feminine, flirty or fierce. However, considering as of 2016 there are more than 305.9 million blogs on Tumblr alone, finding a unique and personal creative blog name can be like a search for the holy grail.

Why is a creative blog name important?

Aside from perception, a great name can also communicate the essence of your brand to a new reader at their first encounter with you. Your blog name may go a long way in describing what your blog topic is (food? relationships? style?) and your brand personality (humorous, feminine, wistful, wise) – which ultimately contributes to readers building an affinity with your brand. 

If my Google Analytics stats are anything to go by, choosing a creative blog name is incredibly important to new bloggers for personal reasons, too. Why so? This post gets hundreds of new readers visiting each and every day. Bloggers searching for creative blog names who want to shape the way they are perceived and create a platform for their creative output that’s a true refection of themselves.

What makes a good blog name?

There’s a few different ingredients that make a good blog name:

  • Reflects your personality
  • Is a clever play on words
  • Is original
  • Describes what you do

Of course, your blog name doesn’t have to combine all four ingredients, but using each to brainstorm ideas is really helpful in terms of getting a start.

If you need help generating a blog name of your own, check out this worksheet I made for you:

Now, without further ado, I’ve collected 101 creative blog names from the wellness industry for you to use as inspiration when coming up with a blog name of your own. I tend to enjoy a good pun, so you’ll notice a bit of a punny theme throughout 😉

Drumroll…… Here they are:

  1. Tales of a Kitchen
  2. Diary Of A Semi-Health Nut
  3. My New Roots
  4. Deliciously Ella
  5. The Whole Daily
  6. Yoga Dork
  7. Your Bella Life
  8. The Wellbeing Revolution
  9. Zen Habits
  10. Move Nourish Believe
  11. Sporteluxe
  12. Tiny Buddha
  13. Will Run For Margaritas
  14. Sprout and Co
  15. The Whole Pantry
  16. Pocket Yogini
  17. Yoga In Heels
  18. The Gratitude Project
  19. The Merrymaker Sisters
  20. Natural Harry
  21. Elevate Vitality
  22. The Inspired Table
  23. The Luminous Kitchen
  24. The Beauty Chef
  25. Pilates for the People
  26. The Little Sage
  27. The Everyday Adventure
  28. Bodylove Revolution
  29. Essentially Being
  30. Chia Mia
  31. The Holistic Ingredient
  32. My Goodness Me
  33. Powercakes
  34. Gorgeous Presence
  35. Reclaiming Strength
  36. Wholeheartedly Healthy
  37. To Her Core
  38. Feed Me
  39. Crazy Sexy Kitchen (now Kris Carr)
  40. Savouring Simplicity
  41. An Emergent Life
  42. You Can Go Your Own Way
  43. Turnip Your Life (That’s pun-tastic!)
  44. A Spectacular Life
  45. The Mindful Morning
  46. This is Lifeblood
  47. Vegan Sparkles
  48. Girls Gone Strong
  49. Oh She Glows
  50. paleOMG
  51. Wellness Mama
  52. Daily Cup of Yoga
  53. Cook Republic
  54. My Darling Lemon Thyme
  55. Nerd Fitness
  56. Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes
  57. Happyolks
  58. Summer Tomato
  59. Peanut Butter Fingers (I mean, how could I not?!)
  60. Purely Twins
  61. Green Kitchen Stories
  62. The Lazy Baker
  63. The Picky Eater
  64. Soul Sessions
  65. Eat Run Write
  66. Nourish Every Day
  67. Wholesome Cook
  68. Fit-Bottomed Girls
  69. The Happiness Project (now Gretchen Rubin)
  70. Align Yo
  71. Operation Beautiful
  72. Eat, Lift and Be Happy
  73. The Minimalists
  74. Body Love Wellness
  75. Mommy, Run Fast! 
  76. The Good Wolf Manifesto
  77. The Whole Truth
  78. Stilettos and Green Juice
  79. Natural Minimalist
  80. Happy Mama
  81. Creating a Colourful Life
  82. Fit Mother Hubbard
  83. Cook Republic
  84. One Handed Cooks
  85. A Little Bit of Lisa
  86. Beautifully Organised
  87. Seek Dare Love
  88. Economies of Kale
  89. Gimme Some Oven
  90. The Looking Glass
  91. Local Milk
  92. You Me Naturally
  93. Minimalist Baker
  94. Bakerella
  95. The Spotless Life
  96. The Happiness Cocktail
  97. Veggies and Me
  98. Goop

  99. Sprouted Kitchen

  100. Smitten Kitchen

  101. Lazy Girl Running

Question: Should I register a blog name or my own name as my domain?

Answer: it depends

Unhelpful, right?

This is a question I get all the time! While registering your own name as your blog’s domain is ideal for personal brand building, some people just plain old don’t wanna.

At minimum, I would recommend registering your own name as a domain name, if it’s still available. If the .com suffix isn’t available, try something like .co.uk, .ca, .com.au or simply .co

This way, if you ever transition your health / food business into your own name, or you need a portfolio for your work, you’ve got the option of a personal domain name. Think of it as future-proofing your personal brand, because if there’s one this I’ve learned when it comes to blogging and online business, it’s never say never.

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Your turn:

In the comments, I’d love to know…

• What’s your favourite creative blog name from the list above?
• What’s your own creative blog name? (Maybe it’s even on this list?!)

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