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October 1, 2018

The Cleary Family: Early Spring family portraits at Balmoral Beach, Sydney

Everyone, I’d love for you to meet the Cleary family: Rob, Rachel, Zara, Nevaeh, Luca and Ryder. A gorgeous family of 6 from the Northern Beaches who met me for a session at Balmoral last Friday. Rachel describes her clan as a busy, loud, sometimes chaotic and active family. They love the beach, bike riding, movie nights (with homemade pizza and popcorn of course!) and most of all, they enjoy spending time together.

Rachel, who loves looking back on family photos, says that as their family is now complete it’s the perfect time to capture some family portraits to keep as special memories. In her brief, she described to me her love of happy photos with lots of laughing and smiling and her desire to have the childrens personalities captured in a natural way.

Every session has a special meaning to me, and this one is no exception. Zara, the eldest, is one of my mum’s students at school and Rachel is the class mum – she’s been an invaluable help to my mum this year and I know mum loves and appreciates having her along for the ride so much so this was really special to me to capture a family who means to much to my mum as well.

Rachel told me a story that had me in fits of giggles… At the moment my parents are over in the USA on holiday, and so mum has missed a few weeks of school. Zara managed to find her way into Rachel’s email account through her phone and sent mum an email along the lines of ‘Dear Mrs Richardson, we miss you and hope you’re having a good time!’ Rachel had no idea until she found the email herself. Classic!

Also, just quietly, this was an overcast evening (the thunderstorms rolled in right at the end of the session!) and I just love the light! People often wonder if colder seasons or moody weather will ruin their portraits, but as you can see, it absolutely doesn’t! I love the creamy, even, skintones that come about with overcast weather – and even better, when the weather isn’t as good, the beach is always way more clear, giving us more options for locations!

Please enjoy looking through these photos of the Cleary family and leave me a comment at the end to share what you think!

This (above) was the moment everyone started singing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ to Ryder (his favourite song) followed by a tickle… and then it led to these beautiful natural smiles on the kids’ faces (below) just moments after – win!

Above: If you knew what I had to do to get this shot, hehehe. Thank you Zara and Nevaeh for making it a beauty.

Below: I adore these special moments between Rachel and Ryder, they so signify the joy and beauty of motherhood!

Okay, it was HARD to get a photo of Ryder on his own looking at the camera, but this shot taken just moments after he fell into the sand, to me, is just gorgeous! Look at those little cheeks!

Above, gorgeous and serene Zara and below, precious little Luca.

Maybe it’s because I have a sister who I’m super close to, but there’s something so special about the love between sisters – don’t you think? I love this little moment between Zara and Nevaeh.

Aren’t the Cleary’s just an absolutely stunning family?! Thank you so much Rachel, Rob, Zara, Nevaeh, Luca and Ryder for being so dreamy and fun to work with!

xx Hayley

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