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September 6, 2016

My two-step approach to your perfect health blog niche


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You guys, Can we please just take a moment to appreciate how important a blog niche is?

Because it’s bloody important. Like, magnanimously important.

And while I’ll disclose that niching yourself isn’t mandatory for biz success (keep reading though), defining your niche in the wellness industry will grow your health blog / business profitability faster than without. Even (and dare I say, especially) from the start. Guaranteed.

What is a niche?

A niche is a particular subset of a market that a product or service caters to.

A niche is created when a gap is perceived in a market, meaning there’s a group of people in the market (potential buyers) who’s wants or problems are not specifically being met by a competitor, or a huge portion of competitors.

Imagine this:

It’s a really hot day and you want a bowl of banana nice-cream. Banana nice-cream would really fulfil your desire to cool down right now, wouldn’t it? 

BUT, you don’t have any frozen bananas!

Oh no!

So you turn to the next-best option. A normal, unfrozen banana. Sure, it’s tasty. But it’s not what you really want, is it? The un-frozen banana is not specifically satisfying your needs to cool down right now.

Poor banana, doesn’t know how to niche himself.

Why Create a niche?

To niche is to establish yourself as a big fish in a little pond, rather than floundering as a little fish in a big pond.

By positioning yourself as someone who can meet the specific wants and needs of a certain demographic, you are able to gain trust among your clients and potential clients, get more referrals, and quickly build your status as an expert in your field.

Ultimately, this will help your business grow faster and more profitably. Yee-haa.


Here are some real-life examples of peeps in the Wellness Industry who are out there nailing their niches:

If you’re having trouble visualising how this can translate to your own business, allow me to extend the banana analogy.

How many people out there are going to go with a product or service that is to them what a regular, unfrozen banana is to us on a hot day – when what we really want is banana nice-cream?

Sure, they might run with a regular, un-special banana if that’s the only option they’ve got. BUT (and this is a big BUT) the minute banana nice-cream comes along? You can bet your bottom dollar that the regular ‘nana is going straight in the bin, innit.


Ahh yes. A common fear of the would-be nichers among us.

So let me say this: No one starts out as an expert. An expert is made when someone decides to specialise, and they consistently work towards their specialty. The expert status comes with consistency in a chosen field.

If calling yourself an expert feels like you’re coming on too strong to start? Then think of your niche simply as your focus. It’s the group of people with a need or problem in common who you have decided to focus your services and support on.

My Experience with niching

In late 2016, I decided to start a photography business. From the outset, I saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market and do something no-one else I knew of was doing. I called myself a ‘Wellness Photographer’.

I did this because I wanted to photograph people and food in the wellness industry, as health is a passion of mine. Also, I knew that defining a niche and marketing myself as such would help me attract clients faster. I knew of other photographers who were working on jobs within this market of course, but none of them marketed themselves as a specialist photographer for the wellness industry.

Given the exponential growth of the wellness industry, I knew there would be no shortage of health bloggers and business owners in London, and that I would be able to attract enough clients in the market to work with me.

Before I’d even officially started my business, I began getting referrals via friends in the industry and while it’s still early days at the time of writing, it’s meant I’ve been able to do the kind of photography work I really want to do.

My two-step approach to nailing your blog niche

Creating your perfect health blog niche doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, I’ve made it as simple as possible. All you have to do is answer the below two questions.

Step one: What do I do?

Are you a:

  • Naturopath
  • Nutritionist
  • Doctor
  • Dietician
  • Health Coach
  • Health blogger
  • Acupuncturist
  • Something else entirely?

Step two: Who do I help?

Saying ‘Women’ or ‘Teenagers’ isn’t specific enough. You need to dig a little deeper and consider the specific problems you help solve, or the needs you can fulfil.

If you need more help with this, I created a bonus worksheet to go along with this blog post, which helps you define your niche in further detail. You can download it here:

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Your turn

In the comments, please share:

  • Do you have a brilliant niche? If so, we need to hear it!
  • Are you trying to find your niche? What’s keeping you stuck right now?

Final words

Don’t be a regular banana. Be banana nice-cream (on a hot day).

Go and get niched 😉


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