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September 26, 2016

How to write your About Me page


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Your ‘About Me’ page is the beating heart of your blog, friend.

It’s the place where a great majority of your readers will most likely visit to get a taste for who you are, what you’re about and whether they should stick around for more.

When it comes to writing copy that’s all about you, the struggle is real. Almost no one I know of likes writing an entire page about themselves. But rest assured a great About Me page is within reach. In this post, I’m going to dispel common About Me page myths, and share how you can write a remarkable and noteworthy About Me page for you own blog.

Here are the key ingredients that will help you create an epic and memorable About Me page that makes an impression on your reader and keeps ’em coming back for more. 

The secret sauce? Let’s dig in.

But first, if you’re looking for a template to help you create your own remarkable About Me page, you’re in the right place. Click the button below to download:

1. It’s not ‘about me’ (you), it’s about them

It may come as a surprise that your About Me page is actually not about you at all. It should (mostly) be about your reader, and how you can help them. (The sighs of relief echoing ’round the world right about now are audible.) 

Keep the ‘what’s in it for me?’ factor at the front of your mind, always. Think from the perspective of your reader and what they might be hoping to know about how you can help them. That’s what they’re really interested in, more than anything.

For example, if you blog and/or consult with women who are looking to overcome sugar addiction, waxing lyrical about your beach lifestyle and your pet is cool, but on it’s own won’t reel new readers in. While it’s nice to share snippets of your personal life, as a health practitioner you also need to communicate why you’re inspired to do the work you do, and how you help your clients to reach their goals.

2. Infuse your personality

Although copywriters can help you create a next-level About Me page, it’s not necessary to hire one unless you want to and can comfortably do so (aaaaaaand exhale). What’s most important in the copy of your About Me page are the glimmers of your personality shining through in your words.

The biggest compliment you could get would be for someone who’s never met you but has read your About Me page to say upon meeting you for the first time that you’re exactly as you appear online. So think about the words and phrases you regularly use, and the tone of voice you usually speak in. Are you friendly and professional? Write your page in that tone. Are you a barrel of laughs? Throw in your best jokes.

What will make a memorable impression more than any copywriter’s work is how much of you is communicated through your About Me page, through the words you use. The best thing about that? All you have to do is to write.

3. Optimised to convert

The goal of a great About Me page, as with the rest of your website, is that it converts readers into engaged blog subscribers. It’s smart to be strategic with your About Me page, and optimise it to bring more people into your tribe.

If you have one main ‘opt in’ lead magnet for your website, share that at least 2-3 times throughout your About Me page. Give people an opportunity to join your tribe while they’re really feeling your vibes.

At the end of your page, share your opt in gift as the clear next step. If the reader likes what they read, they’ll subscribe, and you’ve got a new buddy on your email list. Woot!

4. structure

I’m not gonna lie, there’s no ‘perfect structure’ for an About Me page. If there were, we’d all sound the same. Yawn. Buuut, there are a few key parts that you will want to consider including to give your readers the full DL.

I’ve created a template for you to brainstorm and plan your About Me page, so if you want to use that feel free to download it here:

#1 The Hook

Start your About Me page with a statement. Something bold, to-the-point, shocking, heart-warming or funny. This is known as ‘the hook’.

The hook is your chance to make a great impression, and pull your reader right in, or help them realise you’re not for them #thanksbutnothanks.

Here’s some examples from health blogs who have really great hooks:


The Whole Daily

You’re here to find authentic health and wellbeing information.
I’m here to empower you and support you with a message of health not tainted by mass-media and marketing so that you can thrive for life.

Sprout and Co

Anything can be.
What do those words mean to you?

They sure mean a lot to me.

In Spaces Between

Clarity meets creativity + consciousness.
Intention meets inspired action.
Hey there, I’m Rach.
And you’re here. There’s a fire in your belly. I love that. I feel it too.

I want to help you burn even brighter, beautiful.

#2 Who is this for?

Be clear about who you’re here to help, and even who you’re not. You might be concerned that you’ll alienate people by being so precise, but remember, you want to appeal to the right people, not alllll the people.

If you have a clear niche (which I hope you do!), this is the perfect time to share it. Mickey and Angie of Autoimmune Paleo do this really well, using inclusive and community-based language to appeal to autoimmune sufferers worldwide.



We serve the worldwide community of autoimmune sufferers who are ready to take recovery into their own hands through a wide variety of resources specific to the healing journey.

#3 What do you write about?

You can share a snippet or preview of the categories you blog about, to give your reader a small taster for what they can expect.



My food philosophy is all about enlivening the hottest, happiest and healthiest you.

#4 The humble brag

You’ve reeled your reader in with a hook, told them who you write for and what you write about. Now it’s time to share your street cred.

If applicable, do you have a qualification? If you’re a health coach, or a health practitioner, it’s important to include your qualifications on your About Me page. This reassures your reader that you’ve got cred, and you’re qualified to do what you say you do.

The other type of cred you can share is life experience. Some further points to slip in that will help you connect with your reader include:

  • How many people have you worked with or helped?
  • Do you have any honours or awards?
  • Have you received media attention
  • Have you experienced the condition / area you treat or assist with first-hand?


The Holistic Ingredient

A qualified CTC Master Therapist, I am also a Reiki Master and a practitioner of EFT, NLP and Hypnosis. It is the combination of these therapies that sees me transforming people’s lives all over the world, in one 2-hour face-to-face or Skype session. Indeed it was the same 2 hour session that utterly transformed my own life and set me on this incredible path.

Elevate Vitality

PS. Apart from being amazing at making tea, I do have formal qualifications:
:: Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
:: Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine
:: Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine

(and more – I’ve cut this down for space! – Hayley)

Nourish Everyday

I am a lawyer-turned-nutritionist currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine (while I keep up my corporate day job too).

#5 Your story

Once you’ve got your reader hooked by telling them all about themselves (wink), it’s time to launch into your own story. Bonus points if you tell your story in a way that relates to your topic.

Someone who does this really well is one of my former clients, Radhika of Holistic Prana. She shares the story of how she moved from her previous career into health coaching, which shares her transformation from poor to good health (which is ultimately what her clients are searching for too).


Holistic Prana

Corporate executive turned health expert…

5. Copywriter recommendations

If you’re at a stage in your business where you would like a copywriter to write your About Me page, I’ve got you covered. While I recommend getting your blog set up first and writing for a while so your message becomes clearer to you, hiring a copywriter is a great step when you’re ready to take your blog to the next level.

Recommended blog copywriters


Got any q’s?

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and that it’s inspired you to write your About Me page (or spruce up your existing one!). If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. If you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share I’d love to hear them too!

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